Technical Customer Support for Software and Technology Companies

You’ve already got an amazing product, now you need a highly-skilled customer support team to help you grow and build your army of ambassadors.

Need to level up your support?
Increase Customer Acquisition, Retention, Loyalty, and Sales

Increase Customer Acquisition, Retention, Loyalty, and Sales

Providing exceptional customer support is critical to the success of technology and SaaS companies. We deliver all levels of customer service and technical support, for both hardware and software products. With us, you’ll be able to increase customer acquisition, retention, loyalty, and sales— and we’ll make sure your customer support is top-notch, every step of the way.

24/7 Support Wherever Your Customers Are

24/7 Support Wherever Your Customers Are

Whether it’s email, live chat, phone, social networks, or directly on your app, we’ll meet your customers where they need. Keeping your customers happy by quickly responding and solving their issues is our top priority.

We Ensure the Best Customer Experience for Your Customers

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Inbound sales

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Account set up, verification, and maintenance

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Our Agents Are Experienced Customer Service Experts in Software & Technology

Our team members have an average of eight years of experience working with large outsourcers and multinational corporations. We are committed to continuously coaching our customer support professionals to aid them in their long-term career development—which means higher quality work and a dedicated team. We also track your customer service success continuously and always report our findings to you.


We’ll Become A Part Of Your Team

We want to be one with your team. We can be a part of your team on your Slack, so you can reach us easily whenever you wish. We create a seamless client experience so working with us is exactly as easy as working with an in-house team.

We’re the Experts in Remote Support

We’ve been 100% remote since day one, so we understand how to run a highly professional remote customer service operation. From hiring and training, to data security, to creating a great company culture – you name it, we do it remotely and we’re best in class.


We’ll Become Experts On Your Product and Processes

The details that matter to you also matter to us. To ensure that your customers not only get premium service but also the correct and complete answers to their often technical questions, we’ll get to know your product inside-out so we can confidently answer even the more difficult questions.

We Make Sure Customer Service Helps You Scale

Our dedicated reps help you maintain quality service, no matter how high your customer service ticket volume is. We typically onboard new team members within one or two weeks. With Peak Support, you can rest assured that onboarding new team members will never slow down your growth again.


Whatever You Need, We’re Here

If you have already chosen your favorite ticketing system and customer service channels, we’ll be glad to take over. As we learn your processes, our leadership team will help you build a world-class customer experience. And if you ever need help with back-office tasks like data entry, research, design, or marketing, all you have to do is let us know.

Case Study iTouch: How a tech wearable brand provides first-class technical support

In order to properly handle the growing number of incoming customer service tickets, American Exchange Group and their iTouch wearables customer success team needed a partner who could scale quickly and handle technical issues.

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Hear What Our Clients Have to Say

The Peak Support team is really good at spotting patterns in issues and troubleshooting, which is really important with tech products. They add as much info as they can that goes to developers to solve issues. They pay attention to detail and their work ethic is instilled in all of them.

Greg Sanchez
Head Of Customer Experience, American Exchange Group (iTouch)


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