Emerging Leaders Program

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A few years ago, we organized our first annual Peak Support Summit. At lunch one day, Jonathan Steiman, Founder and CEO of Peak Support, sat with Ivy, one of our team leads and asked her for feedback.


“I want more training,” she said. “We get plenty of trainings related to the specific tasks our teams need to accomplish. But I want training on how to be a manager – a leader.”


And so the Emerging Leaders Program was born. The program has shown great success internally which is why we decided to share it externally.


The program is complete with several modules and can be adjusted for industry specific needs.


*We offer the complete deck and one facilitator guide from one session for free. Additional facilitators guides may be purchased.*

Our Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) curriculum is now available, free, for anyone who wants to use it as a resource. The ELP curriculum is broken out into eight sessions and an interlude:

  • Session 1: Orientation
  • Session 2: Projecting Leadership Presence
  • Session 3: Becoming the Boss
  • Session 4: The One Thing
  • Session 5: Written Communication
  • Session 6: Fostering an Ethical Culture
  • Session 7: Feedback & Coaching
  • Session 8: Preparing to Lead
  • Interlude: Leadership Presence Practice

Each session includes activities, learning objectives, and agendas for seamless implementation with your own team of Emerging Leaders!

At Peak Support, we support the growth and thorough training of our customer support agents so that we can work together to deliver the best results for our clients. Our Emerging Leaders Program is meant to empower our team and advance what is, for them, a fulfilling and lifelong career in customer support.