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We Will Build the Tech Support Team Your Customers Need.

We find and hire the expertise needed for the level of technical support that your customers require. Our outsourced tech support teams are handling Software User Support, Technical Database Support, Connected Device / Wireless Device Support/QA, SaaS Implementation Management, and more.

Rather than spending weeks hiring and managing support staff yourself, partnering with technical support outsourcing companies like Peak Support is true long-term, scalable solution.

The Peak Support Advantage

Peak Supports offers a unique service approach that ensures the highest level of success for our clients.

It starts with assessing your requirements, including ticket volumes, the nature of your business, and the KPI’s you need. From there, we’ll come up with a custom staffing plan for putting together a support team that fits perfectly with your organization.

Our services are also flexible. We can work with your existing support system or help you transition to a new system that fits your needs. Either way, we also create an optimized workflow and schedule to guarantee that your tech support always meets speed and quality standards.

You’ll also get a dedicated account manager. They will continually monitor and optimize your staffing, schedule, and processes to ensure you’re getting the most out of your tech support.

View our case study regarding our work with the American Exchange Group to see the Peak Support advantage in action.

Case Study iTouch: How a tech wearable brand provides first-class technical support.

In order to properly handle the growing number of incoming customer service tickets, American Exchange Group and their iTouch Wearables team worked with other customer support partners before becoming acquainted with Peak Support.

“The Peak Support team is really good at spotting patterns in issues and troubleshooting, which is really important with tech products. They add as much info as they can that goes to developers to solve issues.
They pay attention to detail and their work ethic is instilled in all of them.”

Greg Sanchez

Our Outsourced Technical Support Services

Every high-tech client has a specialized set of needs.
Software is different from hardware, enterprise products are different

SaaS Implementations

Software Technical Support

The more technical support that Peak Support handles is generally for B2B products, often SaaS tools, where the users are more technical, and experts on the products.

Database Tech Support

SQL Troubleshooting and Technical/Admin User Support

Software QA

Running through test scenarios on our clients’ phone & web apps to discover new bugs, or to replicate reported bugs that are submitted by users. We work closely with development teams in these scenarios.

Hardware / Connected Devices
Technical Support

AXNY Case Study
Customer support for our client’s line of wearable smartwatches as well as GPS enabled sports devices

Hardware / Connected Devices
Quality Assurance

AXNY Device Testing Team
This team runs product testing of our clients’ smartphone connected wearable devices. They will run tests on a variety of iPhone & Android devices across a number of OS versions to identify and check reported bugs. We work closely with engineering and development teams in these engagements.

Is It Time to Outsource Your Technical Support?

You might be asking yourself – is tech support outsourcing right for me at this time?
To help you decide, here are some of the benefits you can look forward to:

Save Time & Money

Working with outsourced tech support companies can save you time and money.

Hiring and managing an internal tech support staff is expensive. Not only do you need to invest in training, but you also have to shell out for equipment and workstations. Some hires might also not work out, which means spending even more time and money re-hiring and re-training replacements.

When you outsource technical support to Peak Support, you’ll get a world-class support team without going through the hassle. And we charge a flat hourly fee, which means you get your money’s worth.

Offer Amazing Customer Service

Technical support outsourcing gives you access to an experienced and talented team in an instant.

At Peak Support, we only hire the best professionals to work on your account. And we don’t stop there! We also continually train and invest in their professional and personal development.

The result is a fantastic customer service experience for your users that reflects well on your brand.

Focus More on What Matters

Tech support might be an essential aspect of your software or hardware business, but there’s no denying that it can be tedious and time-consuming. Handling it internally consumes manpower, resources, and funds that are best allocated elsewhere.

When you outsource technical support to Peak Support, you leave all the heavy lifting to us. That frees up your team to focus more on the critical things that drive business growth.

Scale Your Business More Easily

Scaling is one of the biggest challenges for any business, including expanding its tech support infrastructure. Product or software support outsourcing is one way to make the process easier.

Peak Support can adapt to your tech support requirements – whether you need to handle 100 or 10,000 tickets a day.

We Handle All Tech Support Channels

When you work with Peak Support, you get a team of dedicated customer service experts. We pride ourselves on our skills and expertise in the following service areas:


Need prompt and professional email support? Our agents can respond quickly to your emails using your brand voice and tone.


Chat is an extremely useful tool. Peak Support knows how to use it to your advantage so you can provide people with the answers they need. Plus, we excel at turning potential customers into actual customers.


Our phone support covers both inbound and outbound calls. Plus, all of our agents speak excellent English. As a result, U.S. and European-based clients can rely on us to handle all of their customer calls.

Social Media

No matter which platform you use, from Facebook to Twitter to Snapchat, we are well versed in communicating with your audience through social media. As such, we can connect with your customers when they need support the most.

Why Outsource Technical Support to Peak Support?

The biggest reason? It’s our incredible team.

You’ll get to partner with only the best and most talented customer service professionals. Our staff has over eight years of support experience at big multinational brands like Accenture and Verizon. We also have a unique hiring and mentoring system to bring out the best in our staff.

At Peak Support, you work with people who care for the success of your business as much as you do.

Ready to expand your tech support? Outsource with Peak Support today. Contact us to get a free quote on outsourcing customer service for your company.

Learn how Peak Support gives you the flexibility to scale – faster.