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Selected Clients


“From inception, we recognized customer experience as a differentiator, so Peak Support was a no-brainer. Peak Support was critical in upping our support game. We’re so happy that we’ve partnered with Peak Support.”

Aman Advani, Co-Founder and CEO, Ministry of Supply


“As a mission-driven company working to increase diversity in corporate boardrooms, we value partners who understand and appreciate not just the what, but also the why, of what we do. Peak Support understands our mission and has worked side-by-side with us to achieve it. I’m extremely grateful for their consistent and high-quality support.”

Lesley Kim Grossblatt, Former COO and VP of Product, theBoardlist


“Peak Support is a true business services company. When we come across a challenge that needs reliable, highly skilled professionals we always ask: Can Peak Support handle this? The most often answer is: Yes. We started out with phone support and quickly expanded to copy writing, design and sales support. They also care about our business’s success. Jonathan, for example, saw a great partnership opportunity and did everything he could to make the introduction.”

Gregg Weisstein, Co-Founder, BloomNation


“Peak Support was my first hire. I’ve been building Public Rec for the last two years on my own with a focus on staying lean. A few months back we hit a nice stride. Our technical leisure apparel found a solid niche. I could no longer keep up with the onslaught of support tickets. Peak Support stepped in and implemented a Zendesk solution and staffed a team. Initially, I didn’t want to give up control of customer support. Turns out, I should have brought on Peak Support months earlier. They’ve allowed me to focus on other aspects of growing Public Rec while maintaining a premium shopping experience for our customers. It’s been a huge win. My team lead is an all-star. Also, whenever I need advice on anything I know that Jonathan and his team are always available”

Zach Goldstein, Co-Founder, Public Rec

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