About Us

Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Peak Support is a rapidly growing services provider dedicated to providing exceptional support to high-growth companies. We offer a wide array of services including customer support, sales operations, and business process outsourcing. Our global delivery model enables us to provide service from the Philippines and the U.S. We hire the best agents in the business and we are relentlessly dedicated to helping our clients succeed.

The secret to our success: our incredible team. Our agents come to us with an average of eight years of experience serving major multinational brands. Learn more about the people and culture that make Peak Support a special place to work.

Our Story


Peak Support’s leadership team – Jonathan, Bianca, Judz, and Haze – met in 2013, working at the highly acclaimed app TalkTo. They recognized that the company’s customer support team was an incredible asset and decided to build the strongest service organization in the world.


They designed an exceptional system for recruiting, training, and mentoring new hires. They developed analytics and quality assurance systems. Most importantly, they established a culture and a set of core values that would foster both client success and team member satisfaction. TalkTo was eventually acquired by Path, which was purchased by Kakao Corp.


Peak Support launched in June, with its first client, and grew to three clients by the end of the year. All three of those clients are still with us today.

2016 to 2019

Peak Support expands to 15 clients, all via referral, with no investment in sales or marketing. We launch new service lines including graphic design, software development, direct mail fulfillment, influencer management, and more.


With our remote model and diversified client base, Peak Support experiences almost no operational disruption due to COVID-19, and is well positioned to bring on new clients in emerging industries. We launch our first U.S. support team.


We serve some of today’s leading growth companies and are well positioned to continue to do so, in 2021 and beyond.


Empower our team to innovate and deliver beyond client expectations.


Show Up, Dive In, Stay At It

Our clients, our clients’ customers and our team depend on us to be present and ready to work every single day, no excuses.

Aim for “Wow!”

We provide delightful interactions and experiences that put a smile on the faces of our clients and their customers.

Our team also deserves to be wow’d by the support they get.

Invest to Grow

As a company, we invest in developing our people, strong client relationships and a scalable infrastructure.

We invest into ourselves in order to grow professionally and personally.

Do the Right Thing

We act with integrity AND with respect, meaning we always intend to do the right thing and that the thoughts, feelings and backgrounds of others matter just as much as ours.

Be Yourself

The talent and passion of the people at Peak Support is inspiring. We want all of our team members to feel that they genuinely belong, and everyone matters.

Be yourself while embracing others’ differences.

Act, even when scared

To live by these values is scary. It’s scary to be yourself. It’s frightening to do the right thing. Investing into a business or oneself, where the return is unknown, can sicken a stomach. Holding yourself to a standard of Wow every time is high-pressure. And having the discipline to show up and dive in every day is daunting.

Despite these real feelings of fear, we summon the courage to act.

Improve, Continuously

We set a goal; reach the goal; reset a new, higher goal; repeat.

In short, improvement doesn’t come in big leaps but rather consistent improvements of 1%.

Senior Leadership

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