Case Study


Wildgrain maintained a 97% CSAT ranking after transitioning to an outsourced team with Peak Support

“The partnership has been wonderful for us. Every team member Peak Support has brought to us is easy to collaborate and work with.”

Ali Mooradian, Vice President Marketing, Wildgrain


Launched in 2020, Wildgrain is the first bake-from-frozen subscription box for sourdough breads, artisan pastries, and fresh pasta. Every item bakes in 25 minutes or less, so members can enjoy delicious, homemade quality foods without the hard work.

Wildgrain enjoyed exponential growth even when COVID-19 disrupted and ended many businesses. However, it struggled to fulfill the customer support needs of its members.

“Member happiness and retention are crucial to the success of our business model. For nine months after the company was founded, I handled the job of providing member support and communication on my own,” said Ali Mooradian, Vice President of Marketing. “Due to our rapid growth, member support grew so much that I had little time to handle my marketing responsibilities. I could no longer keep up with the support tickets.”

Ali knew things had to change, and that’s when the Wildgrain team found Peak Support.


The Peak Support team provides customer service and business process outsourcing for high-growth companies. They handle Wildgrain’s email and social media comment support, affiliate marketing onboarding and communications, and member retention efforts. The company’s goal is to provide an excellent customer experience with every interaction by answering member inquiries, responding to complaints, and proactively solving member challenges.

After answering tickets herself for nine months, Ali intensively trained the first Peak Support team member assigned to the Wildgrain account, Jedidah (“Jedz”) Bongalosa. Jedz then trained subsequent team members. This process helped ensure the Peak Support team could match Wildgrain’s brand voice.

“All I had to do was train the people from Peak Support, and since then, they have taken our support efforts to another level,” said Ali. “By the time I handed it off, the Peak team was answering tickets in my voice. We’ve expanded our Peak team to 34 people over two years.” Jedz still works for Peak Support and now serves in a higher-level role as Wildgrain’s Head of Member Experience.

Wildgrain and the Peak Support team have made many improvements along the way to improve the member experience, reduce churn, and drive revenue. Wildgrain’s member churn rate has fallen by 60% since its launch in 2020. This achievement is the culmination of continuous improvements across operations, product, and member support. For example, on the operations side, increasing its number of fulfillment centers across the U.S. has had a very positive impact on member churn.

On the product side, Wildgrain has worked to develop product packaging that can withstand at-times rough carrier routes. And on the member support side, efforts such as optimizing schedule shifts based on ticket volume, creating generous refund and replacement policies, and proactively notifying members of shipping issues have contributed, as well.


Ability to Scale the Business
“The biggest value that we’ve experienced from the Peak Support team is the huge amount of infrastructure and support they provide,” said Ali. “Also, they can scale a member support team without us needing to be involved in the logistics of human resources.” With help from its Peak Support team, Wildgrain has achieved its impressive growth with only five full-time internal employees.

High Customer Satisfaction Scores
The Peak Support team has handled more than 60,000 support tickets and maintained an average of 4.88 out of 5 customer satisfaction rating (97.6%). They seamlessly maintained this high CSAT when the Member Support team switched from internal to Peak Support, and as the outsourced support team grew from 3 to 34 team members.

Impressive Save Rate
Wildgrain and its Peak Support team have A/B tested different offers they’ve used to save members when they request to cancel their subscription. The team now saves as many as 45% of members who reach out to cancel.



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