Peak Support Q&A: Maria Ebrahimi

Have you ever tried getting a scuba certification in the super cold waters of Catalina? Our Senior Client Services Manager Maria has, and it was worth it for her. It isn’t surprising at all that Maria loves boat rides as she loves swimming and the ocean. Being from Modesto and having never travelled much as a child, she is proud of herself for moving to LA when she was 18 and eventually graduating from UCLA. Maria is fun-loving and driven, and she enjoys going to comedy shows and concerts. Sunset Rollercoaster is currently her favorite band and she plays their songs non-stop. If you’re a fan of comedy films like The Darjeeling LimitedOnce Upon a Time in Hollywood, and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, then you’ll hit it off with Maria. Who was her teenage crush? Lance Bass from NSYNC. Read on to know more about Maria.

What will you be dressed up as for Halloween? 

A pumpkin! I bought a pumpkin costume a couple years ago and use the same one every year. 

When was the last time you did a cartwheel? 

Never. I am super not flexible. 

What is your favorite cocktail drink? 

I love mojitos – maybe because I only ever drink them at the beach on vacation? I like really refreshing drinks. I’ll go for anything with mint. 

Would you much rather own: a beachfront hut in Costa Rica or a cabin in the Swiss Alps? 

Beachfront for sure. I’ve never been to the snow and don’t do too well in the cold. 

Name the best eateries in your city. 

I just moved back to Austin, Texas a month ago so I’m still exploring and finding new places to eat. I love Amy’s Ice Creams, though! 

Is there something from the early 2000s that you miss a lot? 

I miss watching music videos on TV. Now that most music is streaming, most artists don’t put as much effort into music videos.  Early 2000s was the peak music video era. 

How often do you go out with friends? 

I try to see my friends at least once a week. When you work from home, it’s important to get out of the house and have social interaction. 

When was the last time you went to the beach? 

About a month ago. I was living in Hermosa Beach in LA and had a 20-minute walk to the beach, so I tried to go every day. Just seeing the ocean and being outside there was a de-stressor for me.  

How important is winning to you?

Super important. I’m definitely a competitive person. I’m ok with losing sometimes too as long as I tried my hardest to win and did everything I could.

What toy from your childhood meant the most to you?

My old PlayStation for sure. My sister and I pooled together our Christmas money one year to buy one. This was back when video games were on 3 or 4 discs. We got in a fight one time, and she broke the last disc of my Final Fantasy 9 before I could beat the game. We made up – and I finally got to re-play the game and beat it a few years ago. 

It always bothers me when somebody ______. 

Drags their feet when they walk.  Something about this sound really bugs me. 

Do you think you have what it takes to be a great babysitter?

Probably not. There aren’t any kids in my family, so I haven’t been around kids much. That’s starting to change now that some of my friends are having kids though, so hopefully I’ll get better. 

What is the highest floor in a building that you’ve ever been on?

A few years back, I had some friends visit me in Los Angeles and we went to the US Bank Tower building. They have a slide on the 70th floor on the side of the building that you can ride.  It was over really quick, but a super cool experience. 

Do you remember when you bought the wallet you’re currently using? 

Last year. I had a really cheap wallet from Target that was falling apart, so I upgraded to a nicer one. 

What is your favorite animated film soundtrack?

I never really pay attention to movie soundtracks, so this one is tough to answer. I like Pixar films a lot though, so I’ll go with Coco.