Three Inspiring Stories of Success from Peak Support Team Members

June is always a special month for Peak Support as it is our anniversary! June 2024 will mark our 9th year in the BPO industry. Nine incredible years of providing exceptional support services to our clients and their customers.

We lined up some fun activities to celebrate the company’s 9th anniversary. One of them was the Short Story Writing Contest. We asked our team members to write a story about how Peak Support has impacted their lives – both professionally and personally.

After careful deliberation, the judges made their decision and picked the three best entries. 

Read on to learn more about the inspiring success stories of three of our outstanding team members.

The Boy Harnessed by the Hand-Me-Downs

by Alwin Jay Sinang

A six-year-old boy woke up from a bed made of hard wood, covered with an old, worn-out mat. He could smell the scent from the table: a big bowl of warm soup from a pack of instant noodles his mother prepared for him and for his three sisters. He drank coffee because his parents could not afford milk, and every morning, his coffee reminded him how bitter life is for his family.

He was 6 but had to wake up at five in the morning because school begins at seven, and he had no bicycle like his friends from school. You could see the thinning print of the old shirt that he used every Monday his cousin gave him. His toes were hurting because the only pair of shoes he had was too small. Thanks to his mother’s friend, her son is going abroad and decided to give his things away, and the boy was lucky enough to have received the shoes. His backpack was full of books and notes, but you could see the white stitches in its bottom because it was the same bag he used during pre-school. It was fine for him, or maybe not, because you could see him stare at his friends’ new things: new school uniform, new backpack with pictures of their favorite cartoon characters, new pitch-black shoes with no toes hurting because the size is right.

The boy’s parents did not finish school. The father was a construction worker, and the mother was a laundrywoman. Every day, the boy wonders why he did not have the things his friends enjoy: new clothes, new shoes, new bags, and he always goes back to his parents- they did not have everything because they did not finish school.

The boy did not have a choice at a very young age. He still had to go to school hiding the envy. His favorite subject was English and Mathematics, and the teacher had the confidence in him because he was smart. She always asks the little boy to help his classmates solve math problems. This is when he started dreaming of becoming a teacher: someone who teaches and speaks in front of people, someone who guides little kids like him to have dreams, and someone who inspires people, especially the poor. This is dream, for him, was his way to help people not to live the life he lived: by finishing education.

Unfortunately, he failed.

When he turned 16, he attended the university to start living his dream. He applied for scholarship programs, but it was not sufficient. As a university student, he had to find a place to rent and funds for his school projects. His parents could not afford these, and they were getting older. He struggled: a day without lunch was normal. Many times, as well the landlord of his apartment asked him to leave because he could not pay rent anymore. With these struggles he kept on facing, he had no choice but to stop schooling at 18. Legal age, yes, so he decided to look for work.

He was hired at a fast-food restaurant and worked for three months. He wanted to venture and started working in a BPO company. Every time he wore his headset, he always remembered his childhood dream: becoming a teacher. He knew it was almost impossible to happen because he could not afford to go back to school. He stayed in the BPO industry for many years, with different companies. He even ventured into the Metro but failed to achieve his goals because of the pandemic in 2021. He lost hope and had to accept that his life may never change anymore.

It was August 2022 when one of his friends emailed him a link. It was another call center company, and it was a home-based job. Because of convenience, he applied, and after 2 weeks, he got hired. Every time he talked to customers, he always had to remind himself of one thing: Integrity. He fell in love with his job, so he made sure he kept it by always doing the right thing, even when no one is watching. With all the recognition he received, he was not satisfied because he could not forget his dream of teaching people.

August 2023.

He was encouraged to apply as a trainer in the same company. A trainer. A teacher. 

It is now May 2024, and he is still training people, encouraging people, and inspiring people. 

This same boy did not become a Licensed Professional Teacher. He became more than that. His life started to change and is still changing. He still wears some hand-me-down clothes, shoes, and bags, but he doesn’t care. He even visits thrift shops. These things were his inspiration. These are what defined his life when he had nothing.

To anyone struggling, do not let poverty become a thief of your own dreams.

Grow, Aspire, and Inspire

by Mark Henri Ramos

“The truth of life happens when you step out of your comfort zone.” This thought is what I have been holding onto since I became passionate about the arts. But when I started my Peak Support journey, I realized that stepping out of your comfort zone reveals more than just the truth of life. Want to know what else? Listen to this story!

Hi! I am Henri, and I started working at Peak Support in June 2022. That year was one of the most challenging years of my life. Before finding the fortress of Peak Support, I spent seven years within the pillars of my comfort zone. Want to guess where? I was forming myself inside a seminary. You heard it right! I once heeded the call to the vocation of priesthood. Before you think that I am meek and holy, talk to my teammates first. Just kidding! I left the seminary because my prayer and discernment taught me that that life might not be the right place for me. With courage and humility, I accepted the reality that I would not be my true self if I continued down that path. So, in April 2022, I bid goodbye to the people who had been part of my life for the past seven years.

Stepping out of the gates of the seminary was not easy for me. My experience and expertise, though professional enough as a digital artist and educator within the seminary, were molded and appreciated by the community where I belonged. The grounds where my hands worked were the same grounds where I dreamed of finding peace and solace. However, I realized that true learning does not come only from an experience of peace and solace. Most of the time, you need to be disturbed and challenged to learn the true meaning of life. There came a time when I felt and thought I was not growing inside the seminary. Beneath the comfort of peace and solace, I became stagnant. I questioned if this was the life for me. I kept praying and seeking answers. Then, one night in April, a blow of wind on my cheeks made me realize that I had been in my comfort zone for several years, and I needed to grow more to know myself better.

A few months after stepping out of the seminary’s grounds of peace and solace, I found a new place. I don’t want to call this place a ground of peace and solace because it is not! But that does not mean you cannot be happy amidst the challenges and storms of skills and ideas. I found a battleground where everyone becomes a winner, and you can only lose if you cheat or surrender negatively. I found a place where challenges are present every day, but it allows you to grow every bit of the time you spend on it. I guess that is why this place is called “Peak Support.” Every day, you can experience reaching the peak of learning, the peak of challenges, and the peak of growth. And everyone becomes a support for one another. I applied for a position, and even though many of the companies I applied to did not see my potential, Peak Support believed in me.

Today, I have been with this company and experienced all the possible realities it offers. I may not be the best employee or the best in my role, but Peak Support taught me to just be myself. Without regrets and pretenses, I believe that the first step to being the best is to be yourself. I can see that in the past years of this company. Peak Support did not stand on any pretenses or regrets; it just remained Peak Support. Without being itself, Peak Support would not have grown as it faced challenges, aspired as it faced disappointments, and inspired as it faced struggles. I guess that is why we cannot grow if we keep on our masks of pretenses. We should be ourselves. In this ninth year of being itself, I pray that I can still experience the truth and reality of Peak Support. I hope I can continue witnessing how this company keeps growing, aspiring, and influencing others as it reaches its full potential as an organization of not only the best people but also the true people who love challenges to grow and struggles to inspire.

In the end, Peak Support did not only reveal the truth of life as I stepped out of my comfort zone; it also taught me to believe that “the truth and growth of life happen when we step out of our comfort zone.” We should not only be spectators of the truth of life; we should always be the actors in the growing life in front of us. May the joy of this ninth year be with us always!

From Dreams to Reality: A Story of Growth and Gratitude

by Johannah Moreno

When I applied here in Peak Support, I was desperate for a change. My previous job, though respectable, had kept me away from my family far too often. After losing my grandmother, my daughter became my only family and I wanted to be more present in her life. The position I was applying for back then was a step down from my previous role, and during the interview, I was asked why I wanted to take on a lower position. My answer was simple and honest: I wanted to earn money while working virtually, allowing me to be a mom to my daughter. She had spent too much of her childhood without me, and I wanted to change that.

Months later, when I applied for the Service Delivery Manager position, the question resurfaced, but this time, it was, “Why do you want this role?” Without hesitation, I answered, “In addition to having the opportunity to influence more people, I know that this is one way for me to earn more. I want to support my daughter, send her to a good school, and when the time comes for her to choose a course in college, I want her to choose without worrying about money. I want her to think only of her future and her dreams.”

In Peak Support, I have experienced things I never imagined. Every day brought new challenges and opportunities to learn. From mastering the art of people development to navigating the complexities of managing multiple projects, each skill I acquired helped me become better at what I do. But it wasn’t just about skills; it was about relationships too. I learned how to connect and communicate better, fostering a supportive and collaborative environment where everyone could thrive.

Professionally, my role expanded. I was no longer just a cog in the machine but someone who could drive change. I initiated action plans that improved team collaboration and streamlined project management processes. Seeing my ideas come to life and positively impacting our team was immensely gratifying. More than that, it made me realize the true potential of what I could achieve.

However, it was personal growth that I find most profound. My time here unlocked doors to experiences and opportunities that once existed only in my imagination. Traveling to the United States was one such dream that seemed out of reach until Peak Support made it possible. Exploring iconic locations and experiencing different cultures broadened my horizons and filled me with a sense of wonder and gratitude.

In addition, Peak Support provided me with the means to ensure a bright future for my family. I was able to send my daughter to a good school, giving her access to quality education and opportunities for growth. Also fortunate enough to afford life insurance, providing me with a sense of security and peace of mind. And, thanks to the company’s commitment to work-life balance, I had the flexibility to spend precious time with my loved ones, creating cherished memories on family trips.

The confidence I gained at work spilled over into my personal life. I became more assertive, surer of myself. My daughter noticed the change too. She saw a mom who was happy and fulfilled, someone who balanced work and home life with grace. I became her role model, showing her that with hard work and determination, anything is possible.

Reflecting on my journey – I realized that Peak Support is my steppingstone to a better life. The skills I gained, the experiences I had, and the people I met along the way all contributed to this incredible journey. My job wasn’t just a way to make a living—it was a journey of growth, happiness, and endless possibilities. And for that, I’ll always be grateful.

As I look ahead, I’m hopeful that my journey can be a source of inspiration for others. So, to anyone who needs to hear this today – remember; perseverance is your greatest strength. Keep moving forward, because beyond every uncertainty and obstacle lies a world of incredible possibilities just waiting to be embraced.